Saturday, November 26, 2011

Robert A Mandell on becoming US Ambassador to Luxembourg

This interview was published on with the title:
"The art of diplomacy" and a caption that read “Being a diplomat is two-fold. It's about history and relationships”

Just for the fun of it, here is another quote from Sir Henry Wotton (1568-1639): "An ambassador is an honest gentleman sent abroad to lie for the good of his country."

Two notes about that quote:

1. In Sir Henry's century, he could not imagine Perle Mesta, an ambassador who would be called Madam.

2. I found no lies in the Wort interview.

I did however notice the absence of the ambassador's priority to look into the Luxembourg tax haven story. But that declaration of intent was at a hearing before Congress. Then you learn at Charm School that some things should get done, not talked about. Done in a charming way. Here is a reminder:

"Mandell told senators that, if confirmed, he plans to focus on increasing U.S. exports and on making Luxembourg's banking industry more transparent." I'm in support, that's the Truth.

One has to give compliments for Ambassador Mandell's nice start. Most ambassadors never get to give an interview.

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